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Crawford Hall

This  building, right behind  Crawford Hall,  is no less imposing than the one  (see below) you see from the  road.


Sanskrit course

Advt. for Sanskrit course,  Maharaja’s campus. The world’s only newspaper in the language is published from Mysore. The city has a Sanskrit College.

Artwork on the campus

They call it Samvaad Vana, a cozy open  space on the Maharaja’s College campus,  where students  with flair for art have tried their hand on tree trunks.

High-rise, heavy-duty job

Heavy-duty lifting by workers doing the job of a high-rise crane, at the site of monster water tower under construction at the University playgrounds.

Flowering tree

I wouldn’t know its name, but you don’t need a name to appreciate the beauty of this tree on the Maharaja College campus.

Crawford Hall

Have photographed the building from afar several times, but I have never done it this close.  I pass by Crawford Hall every other day, but it never occurred to me to take a closer look at the place, for its  size and majesty. The other day while on morning walk  I found the main gate open ; chose to walk in on impulse , and made the most of the opportunity.  Have posted other pictures on facebook.

Playing for trees ?

Trees on the Mysore University campus have an ear for music.  That is, presumably,  why Mysore Basavaiah plays to the woods in front of  the vice-chancellor’s house every morning. He says he has been doing it ever since started learning nadaswaram three years back. His guru is Vidhvan Krishnamurthy on Chamaraja Double Rd, near Krishna Bakery.