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Deity on road

This man has set up a virtual temple on his push-cart, and takes it round Dhanavantri Rd., for the benefit of  pavement traders and street vendors who start work so early that they are pressed for time to visit a temple.



Business, it appears,  is not brisk for these shop-owners in front of the Ranganatha temple,  Srirangapatna. They cater to tourists. Most of them stop-by,  haggle over price, and  move on,  says a shop owner.

Faith peddler

He makes  a living, appealing to the charitable instinct of devotees visiting  Chamundi Hill temple,  Mysore.

Picking up the pieces

Specially designed pit at the temple entrance where devotees crack coconut to propitiate the deity on Chamundi Hill.

At play

They  have the  run of the place on  Chamundi Hill, Mysore.

The bull

The best known  bull in Mysore,  on the Chamundi Hill.


Work in progress at a temple in Vijayanagar colony, Mysore.