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Greens load

Greens by the cartload on Ramvilas Rd.




Student  Gururaj  whose  idea of volunteering is helping priests with daily puja at the Rama Temple on Ramavilas Rd., Mysore. Gururaj is studying Jyotishakala (astrology) .

In prayer

A devotee  who can’t bring himself to pass by without offering prayer at this Rama temple on Ramavilas Rd. , Mysore.

From another era

These buildings from an earlier era are few and far between on  Mysore’s Ramavila Rd. , which  has become a busy commercial street.


At Ramavilas Rd. Mysore

Art in Advertisement

Aug.6 – 2
Art work to advertise a used cars dealer who has opened shop Ramavilas Rd., Mysore.

On way to the temple

A lady with a bowl of flowers plucked from the green patch in her backyard is on way to her neighbourhood temple on Ramavilas Rd., Mysore.