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Crawford Hall

This  building, right behind  Crawford Hall,  is no less imposing than the one  (see below) you see from the  road.


My world in Mysore – 2010

A selection of photos reflecting my (small)  world in Mysore . Taken during 2010 these are among  images that caught my attention. Many of these photos need no caption for those familiar with Mysore ; some defy definition.  A few do need a line or two, to  place them in context, such as this image:
This corner patch in MUDA Circle, JLB Rd, which,  once a landfill and had, till the other day,  remained unclaimed, has now a yellow board.

Living room of our third-floor apartment in Deveraja Hohalla. We would not be living here for much longer. Shifting base to Chennai.

At Chamundi Children Home.

Carved in wood, of the Chamundi Hill temple car.

Applicants for UID cards lining up in front of the ‘Adhaar’ stall on Exhibition Grounds.

Crawford Hall. Back view of the Mysore University vice-chancellor’s office.

Deputy Commissioner’s office.

Maharaja’s College.

A new eating house on JLB Rd.

Note the shadow of the photographer in the frame.



Skywatch Mysore – 2

Mysore skyline,  as seen over Crawford Hall,  which is the seat of the Mysore University vice-chancellor.  This wasn’t why I choose to feature these photos here.  It had , as you can see, more to do with the trees and the moon in the early morning blue sky on Christmas Day.

My contribution to Skywatch Friday feature,  in which you can see photos on the same theme from the world over.

Crawford Hall

Have photographed the building from afar several times, but I have never done it this close.  I pass by Crawford Hall every other day, but it never occurred to me to take a closer look at the place, for its  size and majesty. The other day while on morning walk  I found the main gate open ; chose to walk in on impulse , and made the most of the opportunity.  Have posted other pictures on facebook.

Back in place

Traffic control post at the Crawford Hall crossing is back in its place.

An earlier post,  some ten days back, showed the traffic post parked on a pavement.

I first noticed the damaged post a fortnight ago.

Being fixed

Crawford Hall  traffic post parked on pavement,  to be re-fixed  at the crossing.

This was the photo we carried three days back.


State of a traffic post  at the  Crawford Hall crossing.  Who would fix it ?