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Mysore  is not the town I knew when I moved in here five years back. Five years from now, I would look at this picture and wonder,  ‘where has the cowdung wall gone ?’

Took this picture in my Devaraja Mohalla neighbourhood. This  blog is for those who wish to  contribute their own images of Mysore as they see it. E-mail gvktn@yahoo.com


10 Responses

  1. good pictures and great initiative. how does one become member and put Mysore pics?

    • ERR, Thank you, I have made you a contributor. As part of this community blog, you may post entries with your wordpress user name – meghadootha. GVK

  2. Dear GVK,

    It is a very good idea to start this pictorial blog. We the senior citizens of Mysore, can reminisce some of the old things and go back to our college days. Thank you. You may please expect my contribution to the blog.


  3. Thanks to GVK, I was able to meet at least once Sri. Satyan, the great photographer. Even though the interaction was short, I was awe – stricken by his simplicity and maturity. He has left a great void,in the life of many, in particular in the hearts of Mysoreans.

  4. Hi, nice to meet you !

  5. Dear Sir..Shall we exchange Links …

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