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Then & Now

I made this cowdung wall a  reference point  as I started posting photos  reflecting everyday life in Mysore. I had then expected that the wall would be gone before long,  giving way to real estate development.
Re-visiting the place on D Subbaiah Rd. this morning I found the wall was  gone, though not much else has happened by way of development.  The place is still plastered with cowdung cake.

And this is where  my Mysore photo blog comes to end.  For I am planning a move from Mysore, to  another city.

Those who wish to stay in touch would find me at Bitten by the Photobug.


One Response

  1. 1. Also, you caught the red-dressed ‘plasterer’ red handed!

    2. Nice way to conclude your ‘Mysore Chapter’ with the same location. We have thoroughly enjoyed your postings here and actually felt as if I did it. I probably would have done the same if I was leisurely strolling more than on the scooter. You did really bring us a nice insight into the different parts of our city esp. in your stroll-route, with apt cations which I could not have done as effectively as you.

    3. My best wishes to you in your new abode. Concrete jungle. But we hope you will see some green to share with us as well! Those monkeys will miss you 🙂

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